Ideal for anyone wanting to learn Portraiture & Weddings
Unlike most photographic training and courses that dig deep into boring theory Gordon offers his students real life hands on training for small groups or one on one basis.

Gordon’s training is all about shooting and how it’s done rather than theory you’ll never need.

Learning Hands on:
Gordon will walk the streets with you and show you what he looks for in an image. He will explain to you why natural light is so important to create the perfect shot. Students will learn to understand natural light.

He will also show you how he chooses his backgrounds which are crucial for creating great images.

Most people starting out in photography use some kind camera assistance such as aperture priority which really is not the way you should be shooting. Gordon will show you how easy it is to shoot manually. Once you see how it’s done your photography will instantly improve.

Body Language and Posing
Gordon loves good natural body language which is very important especially for portraiture and weddings. He will show you why it is so important and how to get your models to pose naturally. The best shot is useless if the model doesn’t look comfortable on camera. Find out how it’s done and take your photography to the next level.

Image Processing
You’ll have the opportunity to sit down in a cafe and watch Gordon process some of the images he shot during the training. You’ll see how simple and easy it’s done. Gordon will completely process images in lightroom and photoshop and show you the important things you should do when processing images.

There will be 2 great models (male and female) available for each training session.
You’ll learn to shoot them individually and as a couple.

Training Duration
Small groups 3-8 students 3 hours.
Total cost $299 per student

Private training 1 student 3 hours.
Total cost $999

If you don’t have professional gear it’s OK but ideally bring a digital SLR camera
and a 70-200mm lens if you have one. Other lenses are also fine but you won’t be needing wide angles. This training session is ideal for beginners or somewhat advanced photographers.

Training sessions are carried out on a monthly basis.
Please email us to find out more.