When you choose me to cover your special day I take it very seriously!

Covering a wedding is an honour and a responsibility.

I know that many brides worry “What if the photographer doesn’t show up”? etc. It is a big day and you want it to run smoothly. The last thing you need is to worry about your photographer not arriving.

I will arrive early NOT late!

Rest assure, that I will personally shoot your wedding & process all images.

I do not use third party processing services as many do. Everything is done in house by myself.

I will speak to you prior the wedding day to make sure that all the information I have is still accurate and correct.

I will create the most beautiful and meaningful imagery to my ability for you and your family.

I want you to relax and enjoy the best day of your life.

Gordon Jovic


Just like painting photography is an art-form.
Only very few can truly paint well while anyone can learn the basics and general rules.

This also applies to photography.
I have travelled the Globe teaching and training other photographers and with great confidence can say that nearly anyone can learn how to take photos. Avoiding blur, exposing correctly etc can be taught.

However, the one thing that cannot be taught is the eye.
Only very few people have an eye for photography!

Unfortunately, to capture those special moments at the perfect time and from the perfect angle is a natural gift that some have while the majority simply don’t.

A very busy photographer doesn’t necessary mean they have an eye for photography either. Some photographers are good business people and know how to generate work while their work may be very average.

In Sydney there are probably a thousand people/studios that shoot weddings. The reality is that there are probably no more than 10x that truly have an eye for photography.

A really good photographer is actually quite rare!

Gordon Jovic